perfectly comfortable dresses with pockets

handmade in organic and recycled fabrics, from age 3 to size 28+ comforting brooches, children's planners, little magazines, and all manner of exciting things!

I make one style of dress, in lots of different fabrics, from age 3 to size 28+. 

It's a square-necked, loose fitting dress. It's soft, comfortable, doesn't have any scratchy labels or fiddly fasteners, is easy to get on and off, and doesn't hurt to wear all day. Oh, and IT HAS POCKETS. 

It could be made from organic cotton, recycled textiles, or your own choice of fabric that you send to me!

I make every single dress one at a time, by hand, for you.

Start by having a wander around the shop, and see whether there's a dress or a fabric that takes your fancy.

If you don't see your size, or would like to send me your own fabric, simply send me an email and we can work together to create your new favourite dress!

I also make lots of other things! Some of them are made from the spare little pieces of fabric left over from the dresses, such as mirrors, keyrings, brooches and lavender bags. Some of them are character brooches or pretty flowers made from wool felt. And some of them are children's planners, books and little magazines. 

Have a peep in the shop and see what takes your fancy, or read all about it on the blog!