Exploring Space... with a maternity dress!

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eternal magpie recycled fabric maternity dress

You might have seen this Space-themed fabric whiz past on social media last week... I did say it was already spoken for, and now it's a dress. As we haven't had a #dressupatree for quite a while, I thought it was time to take one of my traditional lilac tree photos for you! 

What you may not be able to tell by looking at these pictures is that it's actually a maternity dress.

It's a pick-and-mix project, with the yoke (the shoulder straps part) in one size, the body in another, and a fair bit of extra width and curve added to the front panel, just to make sure there's plenty of room.

eternal magpie recycled fabric maternity dress

As the dress will only be needed for a couple more months, I've made sure that it can also be easily de-maternitified (is that a word?) so that it can be worn again afterwards. 

It will result in a seam - actually a great big dart - right up the centre front of the dress, but that will largely be hidden in the folds of the fabric, and it will give a comfy dress a much longer wearable life. 

I can also take this pick-and-mix approach to any dress, not just for maternity purposes! If you're feeling a bit confused by the size chart, and not sure what's going to fit, you can send me your measurements and I'll make you a dress that's just right!

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