That's better - a simple sweatshirt dress.

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eternal magpie: custom simple sweatshirt dress

That's more like it! 

I know the neckline and pockets look a tiny bit wonky on the dress form, but that's mainly because it was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING outside this morning, and I didn't take the time to line everything up properly because I just wanted to get back indoors into the warm! They're nice and neat in Real Life, I promise.

This is New Look 6298 - the pattern says it's easy, and it means it. Admittedly I didn't feel like embracing the details of making the v-neck nice and neat at the front, so I made view C, round neck and pockets, with the long sleeves from views A and B. 

It's made in two colours because once again I was working with two short pieces of fabric rather than one long one, but at least there was no design to get upside down this time! The fabric is a gorgeous organic cotton sweatshirt fleece from the Organic Textile Company. I think the colours are Dark Grey and Grey Melange. I'm not certain because I bought it as part of a remnant bundle, hence having two smaller pieces instead of one big one. 

The fabric's nice and wide, so from two 1-metre pieces I still have plenty left over to make the sleeves and pockets for another one! The reverse side of the fabric is white and brushed and fluffy, and I expected to look as though I'd been rolling around in a field of dandelieons by the time I'd finished sewing. Thankfully that wasn't the case, and aside from a little bit of fluff in the overlocker the fabric didn't shed at all. Just as well, as I was rather foolishly wearing a black jumper while I was making it!  

The only even remotely fiddly bits in this dress were the corners of the pockets and the topstitching of the neckline - both a little bit tricky to do neatly in a heavy fabric. Not difficult, just needing a little bit of attention rather than sprinting on through. Next time I'd like to give the v-neck a try, and I think I'd make a shorter version too, so I could wear it as a long sweatshirt rather than a v-neck dress. In fact, I've got my eye on this organic cotton black and white stripy fleece - how good would that look with jeans, or yoga pants, or a long black skirt? 

In fact, while I'm thinking about sweatshirts and jumpers and warm winter clothes... can anybody recommend a cardigan pattern that would work with a sweatshirt-type fabric?

All of my existing jumpers and cardigans are wearing out before I can knit new ones, and to be honest unless the pattern is something really special I'd far rather knit little things like socks and scarves. I'm thinking V-neck, hip length or waist length, with buttons rather than a zip or a waterfall style. Suggestions very welcome!

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