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eternal magpie blog: William Morris Envy

I've seen quite a few adverts around the place for the new H&M William Morris collection, and I have to admit that I was extremely tempted. I mean, who doesn't love a fancy blouse with a William Morris print? 

I had a little look online and picked out a couple of cotton tops that I thought would look good with jeans, and that I'd wear a lot. Then I tried to buy them and discovered that all of the larger sizes were already sold out, which was very disappointing. 

At the weekend I was actually in H&M for the first time in about a year (buying a pair of sparkly tights because, with the best will in the world, I can't make those!) and I completely forgot to even look at the William Morris range while I was in there. Oops.

When I realised, I thought "I don't need H&M! I can buy some Willam Morris fabric and make my own!", so off I went to Ebay to have a look for some curtains or duvet covers or anything that I could turn into a dress or a top. Because it's so popular it turns out that, even second hand, William Morris products are rather pricey. I ended up being outbid on a pair of torn and mildewed curtains (the only thing I could afford!) by 50p, which was anoying, but just as well because... 

...when I looked in my wardrobe I realised that I HAVE A WILLIAM MORRIS TOP ALREADY! 

There it is, on the right. A beautiful Strawberry Thief print, on Liberty tana lawn, in a gorgeous purple and mustard colourway. 

In all my excitement of "I MUST HAVE A WILLIAM MORRIS BLOUSE", I'd completely forgotten that I already have one. And it't not even something that's been hidden away in the back of my wardrobe for ages - I wear it all the time! 


I was going to set up a search on Ebay so that if they do turn up second-hand in a few months, I'd be ready and waiting.

And then I thought, you know what? How many William Morris tops does one woman need? Is it more than one? For me, right now, perhaps it's not. 

(I still want one though. Because apparently I am definitely not immune to marketing, no matter how hard I try!)

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