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eternal magpie custom medieval velvet star dress

More teeny-tiny photos again, this time from 2005, when I was apparently making extravagant dresses! (I know I have larger versions of these photos, I really must try to find them.) 

This one was made from my favourite ever fabric - a black stretch velvet with glittery silver stars printed all over it. Well, I say favourite... I hate working with velvet, it makes such a mess! Add glitter to that, and I think I was covered with sparkly fluff for weeks. But I certainly loved the way it looked, even though it was so long that people were constantly stepping on the hem whenever I wore it! 

eternal magpie custom queen of hearts ball dress

Now this one is bothering me a little, because I must have made a dress this extravagant for a specific event, and yet I have absolutely no recollection of ever wearing it! 

It's based on my absolutely favourite style of dress in the whole world, which is a 1990s ball gown with a sweetheart neckline, ridiculously puffy sleeves, and a very full skirt gathered into a pointed bodice. 

eternal magpie custom silver star ball dress

I'm actually going to be making myself another ball dress very soon, for an event that I'm going to just after Hallowe'en. This is the fabric... and there are no prizes for guessing which pattern I'm going to be using! 

Sometimes I miss making big, extravagant dresses. But then I remember how stressful it was to work in the bridal industry, and (usually) I change my mind. I think that any big, extravagant dresses that I make in the future are going to be strictly for myself.

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