Blast from the Past - skirts (part two)

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eternal magpie custom made paddington skirt

These photos are from 2007 again - when I first got really into making clothes from recycled fabrics, and especially from novelty prints. This fantastic Paddington design made this a-line skirt and, if I remember correctly, a pair of pyjamas too! 

eternal magpie custom made yoda skirt

This is another one that I made for myself, and wore until it was threadbare. I made it specifically to wear to a job that I took at my husband's office, working with the web development team. I was devastated that nobody noticed it was a Star Wars print until I pointed it out!

I'm almost ashamed to say that these skirts didn't have pockets. They're just a very simple knee length a-line style, with no waistband, and a zip at the centre back. If I were to make them again, they would most definitely have pockets - maybe in the side seams, maybe jeans style.

Is this something you'd like to see added to the website, perhaps?

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