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Hello! It's been a while. I'm sort of here, but not here.

It was recommended that I should streamline my time by creating lots of social media posts all at once, and scheduling them to appear each day. The idea was to spend less time doing this, so that I could have more time to do other things. This has worked! I definitely spend less time photographing things and composing posts and thinking of the right hashtags when I'm doing it for a whole week at a time, rather than individually every day. 

But, the side effect of not directly posting to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram every day is that I'm not checking them every day (which is part of the time-saving thing, I suppose), and the result of that is a feeling that I'm... disconnected. Disconnected from my friends, and disconnected from my sewing and knitting buddies, because I'm not seeing the lovely things that they're posting in a timely fashion. Add in the complication of the dreaded algorithms to that, and I'm barely seeing anything! It also means that I'm missing comments and messages, because it looks as though I'm hanging out online when I'm actually not available. 

There must be a happy medium around here somewhere, but I definitely haven't found it yet. 

I'm also not making much in the way of new dresses at the moment, mainly because I've already got more than twenty in stock, and it seems futile to spend my time sewing even more things that are going to sit on my website and in a cupboard for months on end. So, I'm having a bit of a re-evaluation about what I'm making now, and what I want to make in the future. I have a couple of personal projects coming up soon (a ball dress for myself, and a prototype cloak for my swordfighting group), so maybe that will perk up my lapsed sewing interest a little bit. To be honest, my health has also been a bit more challenging than usual over the past couple of months, so my time and my focus have been not entirely on the dresses. 

Still. The unbearable heat of summer is beginning to calm down, we're gently heading into Autumn which is my favourite season, and it's almost my birthday, which means Birthday Sale! (More about that in the next post.) Hopefully I'll find a way to feel a little more connected very soon.

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