1991 jumpsuit... will it fit you?

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Remember that 1990s jumpsuit pattern I was coveting on Etsy? Well, I bought it... and I made it! 

The top used up most of one side of a single duvet cover (white with tiny green leaves), and the bottom - which is a jumpsuit even though it looks exactly like a skirt - used up one side of a double duvet cover (dark green with faint green stripes). 

It's so soft and it's so comfortable, and I used a pretty little leafy embroidery stitch to hem the bottom of the legs, just because I could. It has pockets (of course!) hidden in the side seams, and the front and back necklines and the armholes, are all rather low cut.

1991 jumpsuit in recycled fabrics

Unfortunately, as is sometimes the way when you can't try something on before you make it... it doesn't fit me. It's not just a little bit too big, it's completely wrong for my proportions. This is very sad, as I was really looking forward to wearing it!

So, it needs a new home, with someone who's quite a lot taller than 5'4", and who has a hip measurement of around 52-53". That's a UK size 22-24. The jumpsuit will still be a loose fit, but comfortably so. 

I've popped it into the Sample Sale, at a never-to-be-repeated price, as it uses up about twice as much fabric as the dresses as well as taking more than twice as long to make. And now, back to the drawing board, as I poke about with my pattern drafting software and try to draw up a new version in my own size!

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