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eternal magpie swing jacket

Remember the cardigan I made recently, from Simplicity 1319

And you know that moment when your husband asks whether you can make a birthday gift, needed in just a few days? (No? Just me?)

Well... here's another one! A jacket version this time.

My husband chose this fabric and, for the record, I would like to state that I am never letting him choose anything ever again. Or at least, if he chooses a heavy stretch polyester bouclé, I'm going to tell him exactly what he can do with it. 

eternal magpie swing jacket vintage buttons

I'll confess that I allowed him to get away with his choice because I knew I had these buttons lurking in the stash. They're iridescent glass, and they pick up the traces of pinky-lilac hiding in the fabric absolutely perfectly! 

Despite being a bit grumbly about the thickness and the bumpiness of the fabric, and the general unwillingness of my scissors and my sewing machine to deal with it gracefully, I'm very relieved to say that it pressed well, and it's turned into a really nice - and definitely striking - jacket.

Working with such thick cloth has made me want to try out a winter version for myself, maybe in a nice rich tweed. Perhaps not in August though... 

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