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eternal magpie outfit post: summer sun

This is a fashion statement which I’m going to be calling “middle-aged overheated goth recovers from uncharacteristically busy day with a nice cup of tea”. 
Reckon it’ll catch on? 

I know it seems ridiculous to be wearing black in the middle of a heatwave, but I did have a good reason, I promise. I was going to a creative session run by the local art group, Jelly, and I didn't know how much mess I was going to make. From that point of view, a white or pale summer outfit seemed like a rather bad idea!

It sounds very dramatic and a bit over the top to say that outfits like this have saved me this summer, but I think it's true. My fibromyalgia doesn't cope very well at all with the heat, and having any kind of restrictive clothing touching me can cause quite a lot of pain. These dresses, and the bloomers, are so light and flowing that they're really, really comfortable. 

(PS - if you're a UK size 6-8, I have a dress in this fabric in stock for you.)

eternal magpie: white bloomers

I did have the bloomers for sale on the website, but then the manufacturers discontinued my favourite elastic, and I couldn't find a way to make the size chart not-confusing, so I temporarily took them down again. That was about a year ago. Oops.

As far as the elastic goes, I'm now making these with one inch wide elastic inside a folded waistband, as in the photo above. I have seen a similar elastic to the frilled-edge one that I used to use, but it's four times as expensive and not as soft, so I'm not totally convinced it's going to be a good replacement. I need to make a pair for myself using the new elastic, and see how they feel. 

I don't think I've managed to un-confuse the size chart either... and a quick question about it on social media the other day resulted in requests for lots more information, including actual garment measurements, so that's something that I need to work on. 

For now though, the bloomers are available to order... but if you really have no idea which size to go for, just let me know your actual waist and hip measurements in the notes when you check out, and I'll run up a nice loose pair that should fit you nicely! 

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