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Dress by eternal magpie, image copyright Rainbright Photography

Did you know that every dress goes out to you with a little something already in the pocket? 

It's a handy-sized book for writing down or drawing pictures of anything you might want to put in your pockets whilst out on an adventure! 

Sienna has very carefully written "there was lots of fairies".

I had no idea until Sarah (Rainbright Photography) and I ran our giveaway that fairies were such a popular thing to keep in your pockets! 

If you haven't got a dress yet, but you'd like to make a little book to keep in your pocket, you can find my short video tutorial over on YouTube

You can also find the instructions in Miss Mouse's Summer Magazine, which is available as a printed booklet, or as a digital download from Miss Mouse's Etsy shop

(If you don't yet know who Miss Mouse is... you can find out here!) 

If you'd like to, I'd love it if you wanted to share the contents of your pockets, or your little books! You can do that on social media using the hashtag #magpieinmypocket. Thank you! 

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