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Yesterday I received this lovely message from Rebecca. 

The first one of these dresses that I made for myself was because I was having surgery and needed something comfy to wear afterwards, so it's good to know that they work for other people too! 

outfit: celestial dress and bloomers

My own stars and moon dress is also getting a lot of wear this summer - it's a lovely lightweight cotton which is really comfortable to wear, and it washes and dries nice and quickly. 

I have two in stock, one in a size 20-22, and one in size 26. I also have enough fabric left to make a couple more, which you can order in children's sizes, or in adult sizes.  

So, here's to wishing Rebecca the best of luck in recovering from her surgery... and meanwhile we're happily discussing some gorgeous vintage curtains that are going to be turned into a dress one day - when they're not adorning Rebecca's windows!

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