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eternal magpie & Rainbright Photography

For our dress giveaway, Sarah of Rainbright Photography and I asked folks to leave a comment describing what their child would be most likely to keep in the pockets of this dress. The results were many and varied, ranging from kisses (so sweet!) to little toys. Certain themes did crop up quite frequently though, so I've compiled a Top Five list of Things To Keep In Your Pockets: 

eternal magpie: what would you keep in your pockets?

Stones, pebbles and rocks were the most popular answer, by a very long way! Maybe the current painted rock craze has something to do with that... or perhaps everybody loves a nice smooth pebble? 

Daisies and other flowers were second on the list - perhaps inspired by Sarah's beautiful photos of Sienna, who definitely enjoyed picking lots of different flowers and popping them in her pockets! 

After that, there were clear groupings of other items. Natural treasures such as leaves, feathers, sticks, acorns and fir cones were very popular. Then came a selection of actual creatures, from slugs, snails, worms and baby birds to a pet mouse! There was some concern as to whether a pet mouse might nibble a hole... but can't you just imagine a sweet little mouse curled up in a cosy pocket nest? 

In fifth place, with an equal number of comments, came fairies and snacks - clearly both very important items to keep about your person!

Given that the majority of the pocket treasures on the list are things found in nature... I had an idea to maybe write a monthly(ish) blog post (or start a mailing list) about what you might find out and about each month that you could bring home in your pockets. What do you think? Is that the sort of thing you might be interested in reading, either on the blog or in an email? Let me know!

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