Upcycling: a quick t-shirt re-vamp

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eternal magpie: upcycled t-shirt

Some days it's all about sewing lovely dresses. 

Some days it's all about taking the scissors to your favourite t-shirt because you can't stand the way it's touching you. 

Today is the second kind of day. 

I bought this t-shirt last year, and completely forgot (despite it being very clearly stated on the website!) that this particular brand runs small. I wear it a lot, because I love the print, but I always find myself tugging at the too-high neckline or fussing with the too-tight sleeves. 

Today I'd had enough, so I took the scissors to it and turned it into a vest! 

All I did was very carefully and neatly snip off the sleeves and the neckline ribbing.

Jersey t-shirt fabric doesn't fray, so I could have simply left it at that and allowed the edges to roll over - no sewing required! 

I decided that I would quite like to hem the neckline and sleeves, so all I did was fold the raw edges to the inside, pin the hems into place making sure they were nice and even all the way around, and stitched them down. 

I didn't use any fancy stretch stitches, I didn't use my overlocker to cover the edges. I just stitched the hems with an ordinary straight stitch and then ironed them nice and flat. And now I have a brand new favourite t-shirt, that doesn't irritate me every time I put it on. Success! 

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