Experimental Stitching: Cloth Face Wipes

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eternal magpie reusable face wipes

A friend got in touch this week and asked whether I'd thought about making re-usable face wipes out of the scraps of my dressmaking fabrics. 

The short answer was yes, I'd thought about it... but I hadn't got any further than that because I didn't want to buy any new towelling fabric to make something that was supposed to be using up leftover bits! Then I remembered that I had an old towel stashed away for exactly this purpose, so I thought I'd give it a go and make a few experimental ones to try out for myself.

The top side is leftover fabric from an old cotton duvet that I chopped up to make a dress, back in January. I decided to make them square because it seemed slightly wasteful to cut the corners off to turn them into circles... but I think that circles would have been quicker to sew, and used a bit less thread. I'm also not very good at turning corners on my overlocker, so some of them aren't very neat and tidy. I added the fancy topstiching simply because my machine has embroidery stitches and I don't often get to use them, so it seemed like a nice thing to do. Again, I'm not very good at turning corners, so a lot of these are pretty wonky! But they're just for me, to see how they are to use and wash, so I don't mind too much. 

My main thought so far is oh my goodness the fluff! Sewing towelling is even worse for fluff than velvet, and I didn't think that was possible. But they were fairly quick and easy to make, and I'll report back on how they are to use as soon as I've tried them out. 

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