Biscuit Brooches (and Eye of Newt!)

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eternal magpie biscuit brooch - iced gems

Do you know, when I started making things to sell, I had no idea how important it would be that those things should make me laugh. I realise that this sounds like an utterly bonkers way of doing things.

"Does it make me laugh? Yes? Let's do it!"

Honestly though, that approach has been so important.

eternal magpie brooch - rich tea biscuit

I absolutely love a good novelty print, and I also love the thought that something I've made will make you smile - not only when it pops through your letterbox, but also every time you see it or wear it. I mean, who doesn't love a cup of tea and a biscuit, for a start?

eternal magpie brooches - bourbon biscuit

I bought these tiny little embroidery hoops based on two facts:

  1. they make me smile, because I love a miniature version of just about anything, and
  2. they're both made and distributed by independent small-businesswomen, and I very much like to encourage that sort of thing. 

I also thought that they'd be an excellent way of using up some of the smallest fabric offcuts from my dressmaking. I already use up a fair few scraps with the lavender bags, but I always seem to end up hoarding the tiniest little pieces. 

eternal magpie brooches - eye of newt

A few years ago I made a similar brooch for my Mum, using a tiny offcut, just a couple of inches square, from one of her handmade childhood dresses. I thought that was a lovely way of elevating a little scrap of fabric hidden away in a box into a really sweet little keepsake that she can still wear. 

So, I've just made these four brooches, to start with.

I have A LOT (no, really, I mean A LOT) of fabric scraps to use up, so if these are popular you can definitely expect to see a few more of them!

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