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pink and turquoise vintage hibiscus dress

One of the difficulties of dressmaking is that you can't try things on until after you've made them... and even with the most careful of measurements, sometimes you'll make a dress that doesn't fit or doesn't suit you, or you just don't find yourself wearing as often as you thought you would. 

vintage reproduction biscuit print dress

For me this turns out to be the case with the dresses I've been making from vintage sewing patterms. I was SO EXCITED when I discovered "half size" patterns. Designed for the "mature figure", they have a lower bust point and a larger waist measurement than their corresponding "ordinary" sizes, so those of us who aren't disposed to go the whole hog with 1950s-style underwear can actually stand some chance of fitting into these lovely dresses! 

(If you do want to go the whole hog, by the way, I can wholeheartedly recommend Kiss Me Deadly. I absolutely love every single piece I've bought... even though the fibromyalgia means that I often can't wear any of it.) 

vintage reproduction psychedelic yellow dress

Sadly, the simple fact that I work from home and very rarely leave the house on what might be considered dress-wearing occasions, means that these little lovelies simply aren't being worn.

So... rather than leaving these dresses languishing at the back of my wardrobe, I've decided to set up a "sample sale" department so that you can grab them at a bargain price! Of course this does mean that you need to be roughly the same size as me - which is a modern UK 14-16, or a late-1950s 18½.  

vintage reproduction landscape print dress

The sample sale isn't going to just be full of dresses I've made for myself and then decided to re-home. It will also include any dressmaking experiments that I happen to conduct, which I might then decide not to add to the current range. This gives me the freedom not to worry about drafting a design in eighteen different sizes before I've even started! I can just make one, wear it, test it out, and then decide whether or not it's going to be a keeper. 

I get to play, and you get the opportunity to pick up a bargain! 

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