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eternal magpie happy customers - Verity

Verity's new dress arrived today, and I'm pleased to see that she's very happy with it! 

"My new dress made by Eternal Magpie has arrived! She's cleverly made it from my childhood duvet cover and it's very comforting as well as comfortable to wear  and.... IT HAS POCKETS!!! Every dress should have pockets  Though I've decided the belt doesn't suit me as a belt so now it's a scarf-tie-neck thing 

I do like Verity's ingenuity with the sash belt - I have to confess that they don't suit my shape either, which is why it's taken me so long to think of adding them as an option! 

I've got two custom orders in the works at the moment (one from a vintage bedsheet and one from the customer's own fabric), but once they're done I'll go through my smaller pieces of fabric and make some sash belts to add to the website for you.

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