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upcycling illustration - Jackie magazine

I was chatting to Sophia on Facebook recently, and she said that I'd inspired her to have a go at some clothing upcycling: 


"Having admired the Eternal Magpie website and especially your beautiful dresses, I was inspired to pursue some clothing upcycling ideas which I previously assumed would be beyond my ability.

I am pleased to say, that today I am finishing my second upcycling project!

Thank you for inspiring me to have a go ????


Isn't that lovely? 

I've been having vague thoughts about putting together some easy upcycling tutorials, similar to these fantastic ones that I used to love in Jackie magazine in the 1980s. These pages have a lot to answer for, including my much-loved oversized men's tail shirt with ladybird buttons, painted Doc Martens and baseball boots... not to mention wearing a bowler hat painted with glittery puffy paint circles for no good reason. (Well, it was the 80s, so wearing a hat to hide my permed mullet was probably a good idea.) 

Anyway, dodgy 1980s styling tips aside... would you like to see some upcycling and mending suggestions? I'm not sure I can illustrate them as fabulously as Jil Shipley did for Jackie, but I hope I can share a few interesting ideas!

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  1. Diane

    I loved those articles. I acquired lots of hand-me-downs from my older cousins as a kid and that included clothes AND Jackie annuals! My fashion aesthetic still hovers round the edges of them. The thing I admire most in others style is the ability to mix things that wouldn't typically go together, and I reckon those Jackie annuals were a big influence on that!

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  2. eternal magpie

    @Mim - Yes! I used to be guilty of chopping up perfectly good stuff, or eyeing single teacups with a view to putting candles in them. Now that I collect vintage Poole pottery, I realise that lonely single cup could be just the thing somebody needs to complete a set, and I should leave it well alone for them to treasure! I now heartily advocate only making changes that can be undone again, unless there's no other option.

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  3. Mim

    I reckon anything that encourages people to love and reuse their clothes for longer can only be a good thing. (Tho I will wince at people hacking up vintage if it's not damaged!)

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