Custom Orders: Verity's Duvet Dress

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eternal magpie custom orders: Verity's duvet dress

This lovely nostalgic dress is made from Verity's childhood duvet cover which, in its turn, was made by Verity's mother using a pair of utterly fabulous sheets. 

Unearthed from its home of many years in the attic, Verity sent it to me and asked for it to be transformed into a dress with a matching sash belt. 

eternal magpie custom orders: Verity's duvet dress in progress

After a brief moment of nervousness when I showed this photo on Instagram, Verity soon recovered: 

"'s just occurred to me I'm going to be literally wrapped in my childhood duvet... how comforting will that be?!"

Isn't that lovely? 

I always want my dresses to be comfortable, but I hadn't really thought about them being comforting as well. I'm looking forward to hearing from Verity once she's had a chance to try on her new dress - I hope that being wrapped in her childhood duvet lives up to her expectations!

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