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eternal magpie happy customers: Milly

Say hello to my lovely niece, Milly, who spent a pleasant summer evening in the pub wearing her new upcycled Bambi dress! I've been saving this fabric for several years, until Milly was old enough to know who Bambi was. Turns out that six is the perfect age!

The fabric is from an original 1980s duvet cover, which I used a long time ago to make a bolero jacket for a friend. I had just enough left over to make this dress for Milly, and another little one for the shop, to fit age 3.

I've actually been making this dress for Milly for, I think, about three years now. I make one for her birthday, one for Christmas, and sometimes one for Hallowe'en as well. At some point I'll do a round-up and show you the amazing variety you can get out of one simple dress - including being an angel in the school play! (I'm still finding bits of glitter and feathers from that one...)

The little book she's holding can be found in the pocket of every dress I send out - and I've filmed a quick and easy tutorial for making your own, which you can link to from the sidebar to the right!

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