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eternal magpie organic cotton moths border print fabric

If you've been following me on Instagram you'll know that I'm completely smitten with these new organic border prints - so much so that I've added a whole collection of them to order in women's sizes and for children

This "entomology" print on a moss green crossweave fabric is my absolute favourite, so I've ordered a little piece to make a dress for myself. 

eternal magpie organic cotton moths border print fabric

It arrived this morning, and is whizzing its way around the washing machine as I type. I love that I happened to get a piece with the label still on it!

eternal magpie organic cotton moths border print fabric

I also love that the Organic Textile Company work so closely with their team in South India. Recently they shared this picture of Devaki, one of their team in Kerala, who is winding organic cotton yarn in preparation for weaving the fabric. 

I really appreciate being able to put names to the people who made the fabric that I'm using to make our clothes, and the Organic Textile Company are really good at highlighting all of the different processes that go into the production of their fabrics. 

I genuinely believe that the more we know about how our clothes are created, from the plant in the field to the sewing machine - whether it's mine, or in a factory somewhere - the more inclined we'll be to appreciate the work that goes into every process, and the more we'll value our clothes.

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