Achievement Unlocked: Organic Cotton Overlocker Thread

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organic cotton overlocker thread

My white overlocker thread won't last much longer, so it's time to level up!

This is my current polyester thread, a bargain at £6.68 for 4x5000m cones. I've just ordered ORGANIC COTTON OVERLOCKER THREAD (*insert choirs of angels and heavenly trumpets*) from the Organic Textile Company. It may have cost me a somewhat eye-watering £79.80 for the same 4x5000m cones, but I think it's well worth it for the upgrade of having every single part of my dresses made with organic cotton. 

The four new cones will last me for several years, so on a per-dress basis it actually only costs a few pence more. I'm not far off making the dresses entirely organic now - a little bit more stash fabric to use up, and then I just have to wait for my black overlocker thread to run out so I can replace that with organic cotton too!

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