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  1. eternal magpie Birthday Sale 2018

    Get your shopping fingers at the ready, because it's almost that time again! 

    Every year I run a sale on or around my birthday, and every year the percentage discount is the same as my age - which this time, is 45!

    All you need to do is type in the code "happybirthday" at checkout, and the cart will do the sums automatically. It also works on items that are already  in the Sale section, so you can get a proper bargain on those!

    The sale will run from the 10th to the 16th of September, and will include all in-stock items, but NOT made to order. 

  2. eternal magpie custom medieval velvet star dress

    More teeny-tiny photos again, this time from 2005, when I was apparently making extravagant dresses! (I know I have larger versions of these photos, I really must try to find them.) 

    This one was made from my favourite ever fabric - a black stretch velvet with glittery silver stars printed all over it. Well, I say favourite... I hate working with velvet, it makes such a mess! Add glitter to that, and I think I was covered with sparkly fluff for weeks. But I certainly loved the way it looked, even though it was so long that people were constantly stepping on the hem whenever I wore it! 

    eternal magpie custom queen of hearts ball dress

    Now this one is bothering me a little, because I must have made a dress this extravagant for a specific event, and yet I have absolutely no recollection of ever wearing it! 

    It's based on my absolutely favourite style of dress in the whole world, which is a 1990s ball gown with a sweetheart neckline, ridiculously puffy sleeves, and a very full skirt gathered into a pointed bodice. 

    eternal magpie custom silver star ball dress

    I'm actually going to be making myself another ball dress very soon, for an event that I'm going to just after Hallowe'en. This is the fabric... and there are no prizes for guessing which pattern I'm going to be using! 

    Sometimes I miss making big, extravagant dresses. But then I remember how stressful it was to work in the bridal industry, and (usually) I change my mind. I think that any big, extravagant dresses that I make in the future are going to be strictly for myself.

  3. eternal magpie custom made paddington skirt

    These photos are from 2007 again - when I first got really into making clothes from recycled fabrics, and especially from novelty prints. This fantastic Paddington design made this a-line skirt and, if I remember correctly, a pair of pyjamas too! 

    eternal magpie custom made yoda skirt

    This is another one that I made for myself, and wore until it was threadbare. I made it specifically to wear to a job that I took at my husband's office, working with the web development team. I was devastated that nobody noticed it was a Star Wars print until I pointed it out!

    I'm almost ashamed to say that these skirts didn't have pockets. They're just a very simple knee length a-line style, with no waistband, and a zip at the centre back. If I were to make them again, they would most definitely have pockets - maybe in the side seams, maybe jeans style.

    Is this something you'd like to see added to the website, perhaps?

  4. eternal magpie elastic waist skull skirt

    Please excuse the teeny-tiny picture - this photo is from 2007, when my digital camera apparently had fewer pixels than my phone does now! 

    This was my very favourite skirt for years and years, and I wore it until the elastic gave out and the fabric went very thin indeed. I called this a "stealth goth" skirt, because it looked so colourful and pretty from a distance that it usually took people a long time to notice that the design was actually skulls!

    eternal magpie elastic waist space skirt

    This one was a very close run second - and I think the first skirt that I ever made from an old duvet cover. The print is space travel, and features carefully labelled astronauts, space craft and planets. 

    eternal magpie custom Dr Who skirt

    The reason I stopped making these skirts is that the frilled elastic I used for the waistbands has been discontinued. There is a similar one now available, but it isn't as soft, and it's three times more expensive, which adds quite a lot onto the cost of the finished skirt. I'm still thinking about whether that's going to be a viable option for the future. I've been using up the last few little elastic scraps to make skirts for my niece, but I've very nearly run out altogether. 

    eternal magpie custom Star Wars skirt

    The other nice thing about making skirts for my niece is that I can use licensed fabrics, which I don't do for eternal magpie unless the customer supplies them to me.

    (There's a huge grey area about what you can and can't make with licensed character fabrics, particularly now that Star Wars belongs to Disney, who are very hot on preventing infringement.) 

    eternal magpie custom Star Wars ball dress

    I'd originally bought this fabric - which glows in the dark! - to make a dress for my niece and a pair of pyjamas for my husband. Then my niece decided that she'd rather have a skirt, and my husband decided that glow in the dark pyjamas might be a bit disturbing... so I find myself with quite a large piece left over. I know it's silly, but I have to confess that the temptation to buy some bright orange lining and made myself a ridiculous Hallowe'en dress is extremely strong right now.

    Shall I? 

  5. GothStuff Baby Horrors Baby Cthulhu t-shirt

    Well, this was an unexpected blast from the past! 

    Way back in the mists of time (otherwise known as 2001) I ran a business called "GothStuff". It did what it said in the tin - I made and sold a variety of clothing, jewellery and footwear, online and at various goth/alternative events. One of those events was Infest, a music festival that's enjoying its 20th anniversary this weekend. My husband is there... and he spotted one of our t-shirts out in the wild! We haven't sold these for at least a decade, so I'm extremely impressed that this one still going! 

    (Particular thanks must go to this lovely man, and also to my husband who, when he texted this to me, was met with the reply "GDPR!! Ask him if I can blog the picture!!") 

    GothStuff Baby Horrors Baby Cthulhu t-shirt

    This is what Baby Cthulhu looked like when he was brand new! Paul designed the characters, and we heat pressed them onto heavyweight t-shirts using a flock medium, so the images were fuzzy. Each colour had to be cut out and pressed separately.

    gothStuff Baby Horrors Baby Frank t-shirt

    All of the characters were horror literature or movie themed - we called them "Baby Horrors". This one, as you can see, is a baby Frankenstein's monster... 

    gothStuff Baby Horrors Baby Mummy t-shirt

    ...and this one is a Baby Mummy. (I know. Very confusing.)

    gothStuff light reflective bat t-shirt

    We also had a range of... I suppose you could call it "casual clubwear", if that's a thing. You can't really tell from a picture taken in daylight, but this silver bat silhouette was light-reflective.

    gothStuff blacklight skull and crossbones

    We also had neon colours that were blacklight/uv responsive, which we printed onto more formal workwear, as well as onto t-shirts.

    (I don't think I ever went to work looking quite like this, but those actually were my work trousers for a while!) 

    These photos were taken in the summer of 2004, and while I was digging around in the depths of my computer looking for them, I also turned up some other photos of things I've made over the past few years. So, prepare yourselves - there's a new Blast from the Past coming every day for the rest of the week!