about eternal magpie corsets

how are they made?

The corsets are made using a simple underbust pattern of my own design with four or six panels on each side depending on the size. 

They're made from two layers of fabric - recycled or organic cotton on the outside, and strong organic cotton denim on the inside. 

Each corset has a steel busk (the hook-and-eye fastener at the front), and four flat steel bones at the back, on either side of the eyelets. The rest of the bones (12 or 20, depending on the size) are 7mm wide spiral steel, for flexibility and comfort. 

They fasten at the back with cotton laces, and are finished at the top and bottom edges with hand-stitched binding.

aren't corsets uncomfortable?

Only if they don't fit! 

If your corset fits your size and body shape correctly, it shouldn't feel uncomfortable. 

It's very important that the waistline of your corset should be positioned exactly at your natural waist. This may sound obvious, but the majority of poorly-fitted corsets are uncomfortable because they're trying to compress your body in the wrong place for your shape, size or body type. 

(See below for how to measure and which size to choose.)

My corsets are specifically designed for people who may have found a traditional four inch compression too much, or who simply can't tolerate being squeezed! They should be snug, but not uncomfortable.

will they give me a tiny waist?

Short answer? No. 

Most modern corsets are designed to reduce your waist measurement by around four inches. Mine are designed to give you a very gentle reduction of around two inches. 

(See below for how to measure and which size to choose.)

Instead of compressing your waist very dramatically at the sides, which can give you an equally dramatic shape, the reduction is taken out of my corsets as evenly as possible all the way around the body. This means that they're not very curvaceous, and they won't give you a very tiny waist. They're simply not designed that way. 

how do I know which size to choose?

These corsets are fitted by your natural waist measurement, so you will need to know what that is! 

Your natural waist measurement is not the same as your jeans size, and it isn't measured at the place where the top of your jeans sit, either. Depending on your shape, it may not actually be the narrowest part of your body. 

To find your natural waist, you need to work out where your body moves. Simply place your hands on your sides, and lean from side to side. Feel for the place where your body naturally bends - and that's your waist. 

You'll need to measure yourself at that point, making sure that the tape measure stays horizontal. 

Tip: If you don't have a flexible tape measure, you can run a piece of string or ribbon around your waist, and then measure that! 

There's no need to pull the measuring tape very tight or try to hold your stomach in - you'll just end up with a corset that's too small. It does help if you stand up nice and straight though. 

These corsets are designed to give your waist a small reduction of about two inches. So if your waist measurement is, for example, 32", you need to choose a 30" corset. 

Your corset won't lace fully closed at the back, it will have a gap between the laces of about two inches. This is to allow flexibility in accommodating changes in your own size, and also to allow the corset to be worn over different types of clothes.

what if it doesn't fit?

If your corset doesn't fit, you can send it back for an exchange or a refund. 

If I have the same fabric in stock, I can make a direct replacement. If not, you may need to choose an alternative. 

Please have a read through the terms and conditions for refunds and exchanges for the full details.

can I have a corset made to my measurements?

At the moment I am concentrating on making underbust corsets in a set of standard sizes. 

Because I don't conduct fittings in person (see below), and because of the inherent problems with the accuracy of asking people to provide their own measurements, I don't currently deviate from those sizes in order to create custom corsets. 

can I visit you for a fitting?

Unfortunately my studio setup does not currently allow for visitors. This may change in the future, but right now, no. I don't travel for fittings either, as my health doesn't permit it. 

One day there might be the possibility of pop-up shops for fitting days, and in my imagination there's a lovely boutique with an enormous fitting room! But at the moment it just isn't possible.

do you make other styles?

Not yet! 

I'm near the beginning of my corset making journey, and it takes a long time to design, perfect, and then draw out a new pattern by hand in all of the different sizes. 

I'm starting out with just one design, but I'm sure I'll start adding more as I gain more experience.

any other questions?

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, just send me an email and I'll do my best to answer!