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  1. eternal magpie outfit post: celestial dress

    Hello! I'm in an underpass, contemplating a painted barn owl. Paul pointed out to me afterwards that I should have held my hand out to make it look as though the owl was flying to me. Next time... 

    So, this is what the Celestial dress looks like during a casual summer lunchtime walk to the pharmacy. (I go to all the best places!) This fabric is interestingly chameleonic - it transforms from blue to grey depending on where you're standing and who's looking at you. Which means that it goes with just about everything, like your favourite pair of ancient jeans, but it also makes it extremely difficult to photograph the colour accurately. 

    (Oh, and, I've moved the pockets a little bit further down the dress since I made this one.)

    As you can see, I'm wearing bloomers underneath. I wear them a lot in the summer, when leggings are just too hot. This pair is made from lightweight cotton lawn, with an embroidered trim that has tiny little pears on it! 

    I first started wearing these bloomers when I worked at a museum that was carefully climate-controlled. I wore them as an extra layer under long dresses, with knee socks, so they're carefully designed to be just the right length that your knees don't get cold when you sit down. When I ventured out into places that were considerably warmer than eighteen degrees (so, everywhere, these past few weeks!) I discovered that they were absolutely brilliant for preventing your legs from getting all sticky and uncomfortable in the heat.

    I've been contemplating making a few pairs for the shop, in a very lightweight muslin and trimmed with vintage nylon lace. I'll make a couple of sample pairs so you can have a look at them, and see whether you'd like a pair or two, too.

  2. eternal magpie skirt tutorials

    As promised, I've rummaged through the depths of my computer and unearthed my two free tutorials for making skirts with an elastic waist! You can either use them to draft your own skirt patterns, or you can simply print out the instructions and follow them each time.

    I've added the two PDF files to the sidebar - you can see them on your right.

    Please bear in mind that these are from 2008, when my digital camera left a lot to be desired, so some of the photographs aren't that great! At some stage I'll get around to re-doing these tutorials with better photos, but you're very welcome to download these two in the meantime.

  3. eternal magpie blue stars and moons dress

    I'm really enjoying taking photos of the dresses hanging up in my lilac tree. Okay, it's not going to be as picturesque in winter, but at the moment I think the website looks rather nice with pictures of dresses-up-trees. 

    However, I'm aware that this doesn't really show what the dresses look like on an Actual Person, which is quite different from how they look on the hanger! So, I thought I'd have a go at taking some dress-selfies. How hard could that be? Well, given that the photo below is the best of an afternoon's faffing about, the answer turned out to be "quite hard, actually"!

    eternal magpie blue stars and moons dress

    This one's called "Argh, the self-timer's still on!". Although, to give it a tiny bit of credit, you can at least sort of see what the dress looks like when there's a person inside it I suppose!

    eternal magpie blue stars and moons dress 

    This one my husband took when he got home from work, by which time I was so flustered and cross that I didn't really want the camera pointing at me, and I didn't know where to look, and now it seems as though the dress is making me cross and uncomfortable. Which it isn't. I did that all by myself. And I got a great big insect bite on my foot from standing in the shrubbery!

    eternal magpie blue stars and moons dress

    We tried again the next day, in a car park. That resulted in a photo so bad that many filters were required to make it look... less bad. (I don't think it's worked...) 

    I think the best solution is probably going to be to make lots of sample dresses, and save up for a Proper Model and a Proper Photographer. In the meantime, I think I'm going to stick with Dresses Up Trees, and photos sent in by my lovely customers. I'm starting to collect a few of those now, and they never fail to make me smile.

  4. eternal magpie happy customers: Alice and Kaylee

    Meet Alice & Kaylee, two very happy customers! Apparently Alice has filled her pockets with STUFF already. Way to go, Alice! 

    I'm quietly encouraging everyone to use the hashtag #magpieinmypocket for sharing pictures of the treasures you put in the pockets of these dresses. I wonder what Alice has chosen to keep in hers?

    Thank you to Lisa of Off With Her Head Millinery (check out her lovely new website!) for sharing this lovely photo with us. Lisa has an eternal magpie tunic dress too, so hopefully we'll get to see a picture of all three of the Off With Her Head ladies soon!

  5. eternal magpie payment plans and reservations

    To make it as easy as possible for you to buy a dress, I've introduced two new things to the eternal magpie shop. 

    The first is Reservations! So if you see a one-off fabric that you like, but you don't want to risk it selling out before pay day, you can send me an email and I'll pop it into the Reservations section for you. It will sit there happily for thirty days, and you can snap it up any time you like. 

    If thirty days isn't quite long enough, or if you'd prefer to pay for your dress in smaller amounts, I'm now offering Payment Plans too! Again, send me an email to tell me which dress you'd like, and I'll pop it into the Reservations section. I will then create a PayPal invoice which I will email to you. The first payment will be for one quarter of the cost of your item + shipping. The balance of the invoice can be paid in flexible instalments, any time you like!

    I won't make the dress until all of the payments have been completed, so you will have to wait a little while with this option. However, there's no specific schedule - as long as I've received all of the instalments byb the date specified on the invoice, you can be as fast or as slow as you like with the rest.

    There's a new page containing all of the small print for Reservations and Payment Plans, just to make sure you're happy with how it's all going to work. I hope this makes it nice and easy for you to buy the dress you want!